Zoom Hardware Attached Bundles Solutions

Zoom+ bundles from Nuvias UC, bring together Zoom licenses from the world’s fastest-growing collaboration tool and combine them with hardware from market-leading Zoom eco-system vendors.

Enhancing the meeting experience

We have bundles to suit your customers’ needs from small, all the way up to large meeting rooms, ensuring you can offer the most appropriate solution for their requirements.

Our bundles offer you and your customers an affordable and easy to procure meeting room solution at a discounted rate, compared to buying each item individually, allowing you to increase your margin.

Meeting Room Partners

Zoom + Hardware Attachment Bundles

We know how frustrating the procurement process can be to create a full meeting room solution. That is why Nuvias UC has created a number of hardware bundles (including one year prepay Zoom Rooms license) from leading hardware vendors such as DTEN, Logitech, Poly and Yealink.

Each bundle contains a 5% discount, compared to buying each item separately, allowing you to offer a competitively priced all-in-one meeting room solution.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Whether you require flexibility and portability to accommodate your fast-paced working day, or something a little more robust to withstand larger meetings, we’re sure you’ll find a conference phone to fit any number of requirements.

Cloud Collaboration Platforms

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