Spectralink, a global leader in enterprise mobility solutions since 1990, shapes seamless communication for businesses. With a focus on cutting-edge technology, Spectralink empowers frontline workers with reliable mobile devices. Adapting to evolving business needs, Spectralink delivers excellence in wireless handsets and communication platforms, enhancing connectivity and operational efficiency.

Spectralink integrates with Microsoft Teams, Zoom Phone and Cisco.

Why Spectralink?

Unmatched Industry Expertise
With extensive telecom experience, Spectralink develops solutions tailored to diverse industry needs, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, and manufacturing.

Leading Voice Quality
Spectralink stands out in voice communication, delivering precision in every word.

Uncompromising Integration
Spectralink’s solutions effortlessly integrate with existing communication infrastructures through top-tier UC partners, ensuring a smooth transition.

Reliability and Performance
Thriving in challenging environments, Spectralink’s devices guarantee uninterrupted communication and set a performance benchmark for the industry.

Exceptional Support
Teams receive flexible, knowledgeable, and customer-focused support from experts at every step.

Global Reach
Serving businesses worldwide, Spectralink, along with its global partners, offers comprehensive support and prompt service.

Online Webstore (Hub) for easy ordering – and it is a multi-tenant, multi-tier and fully brandable webstore

We created the Hub, our multi-tiered, white labelled webstore to allow partners to manage product catalogues, pricing orders and inventory all in one place.

Once your order has been placed through Hub, it will go through to our order team to process with any acknowledgements being updated by the system, if required. A packing slip will then follow automatically once the order has been placed.

Recurring revenue with Nuvias UC’s renewals team

Contract management can be a challenge for businesses as the contract is often not the responsibility of the people using the equipment or service, and it can get overlooked. Nuvias UC have created a dedicated renewals team that offer competitive quotes and renewals advice for maintenance contracts across our UC vendor portfolio. Our specialist team are experts in contract renewals, ensuring that a high level of quality is always maintained, and opportunities aren’t missed.

As a Channel Partner, our team will give you 90 days’ notice so you can retain customer relationships. Our team are eager to help you get the best renewal option and price for you and your customer

For more information about Renewals, please contact us. renewals@nuvias-uc.com


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