Connecting as one in the Cloud: AVC One looks to Nuvias UC to enable the launch of its top- notch Cloud Telephony Solution

AVC One belongs to the AVC Group of Associated Companies, whose bespoke solutions deliver sustainable value through commercial propositions that meet its customers’ needs. The group of associated companies has core disciplines in IT Managed Services, Hosted Unified Communications, Environmental Compliance, AV & IT Installation, Digital Media Platforms, Compliant Public WiFi systems, Energy Security and Energy Saving Investment with Refit Programs. The AVC Group of Associated Companies operates in UK, Mainland Europe and India.


AVC One wanted to build and operate a new hosted Unified Communications (UC) platform. To get things off to a successful start, a kick-off meeting was set up with Nuvias UC.

“We had a good idea what we wanted to achieve as a business, as well as what we wanted our service offering to look like, so we approached Nuvias UC to design and build it to meet our specific requirements,” said Lee Crowe, Director of AVC One Ltd.

“Having been in the industry for several years, I am very familiar with Cloud Telephony, so I was already fully aware of the challenges of building a platform. Knowing the reputation that Nuvias UC has in the industry, I was certain that I could rely on them to get it done on time and to specification,” added Crowe.

Our previous experiences working with other “AVC Group is a supplier to many large and well known customers in the retail sector, so reliability is critical. We also have to be able to adapt our service offering to customers’ specific requirements. We knew that Nuvias UC would support us by building a flexible platform based on open standards, as well as providing the engineering experience to help us design and deploy these bespoke solutions.”

“ Knowing the reputation that Nuvias UC has in the industry, I was certain that I could rely on them to get it done on time and to specification.” Lee Crowe, AVC One


The telephony offering from AVC One needed to have the same high levels of reliability and quality associated with all the other services across the companies within the AVC Group. According to Crowe, “ Nuvias UC’s upfront involvement in the design of the solution was crucial as its team interpreted and translated both our business and customer-requirements into a clear engineering specification.”

Crowe continued by commenting on the comprehensive product portfolio offering from Nuvias UC, which ranges from equipment at the customer premise right through to the data centre. “It became clear that Nuvias UC was the only partner that could give us the assurance of its unique ‘end-to-end’ capability, by helping us build the core platform as well as delivering the various terminals and equipment at the customer sites.”

Crowe went on to highlight another advantage of the ongoing working relationship with Nuvias UC in the area of technical support, specifically in the provision of extended support and platform monitoring. “ There are nine different suppliers involved in the delivery of our service and Nuvias UC provides a unified technical and commercial interface that spans every single one of them,” said Crowe. “ It’s a major advantage to us to have Nuvias UC as a single point of contact for all technical support issues. If we had to deal with nine vendors directly, well that really would be cumbersome, problematic and time- consuming and we may well miss out on the detailed technical knowledge and experience we get from Nuvias UC. The fact that Nuvias UC has such good relationships with its suppliers’ technical departments makes life so much easier for us,” he concluded.

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