Standards-based/BYOD Products for XL/Conference rooms

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Poly G7500 + Camera System

The best thing about the G7500 is you’re able to customise it for your customers’ space. Pair the CODEC with a suitable camera – perhaps the EagleEye IV,or the Studio E70? The choice is yours! Then, add a Microphone or two – depending on layout/room size – and you’re sorted! Call our team on 01625 225000 to find out more about the flexible bundling options.

Yealink M/ZVC940

Built for large rooms and conference suites, the MVC940 and ZVC940 bundles ensures larger rooms are well equipped with clear audio and quality video, so that speakers within these bigger spaces can be seen and heard with absolute clarity.

Logitech Rally Plus

Introducing sharp audio and outstanding imagery. Rally Plus provides your customer with options. With this bundle, the Rally comes with one speaker and mic as standard but you can add more components to build your customers’ ideal space! Available in BYOD mode to allow a simple USB connection to your customers’ PC.

DTEN D7X 75″

An AI-powered, all-in-one touchscreen solution that includes a camera, microphone array and speakers. The device offers BYOD flexibility, enabling customers to connect to their video platform of choice, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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