Standard Mode/BYOD Products for Small Rooms

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Yealink MVC320

Meeting hosts/participants can pair their own device with the MVC320 to utilise the 4K camera quality and premium audio features.

DTEN D7X 55″

An AI-powered, all-in-one touchscreen solution that includes a camera, microphone array and speakers. The device offers BYOD flexibility, enabling customers to connect to their video platform of choice, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Poly Studio X30

The pro-quality video bar – Studio X30 – can be set up in standards based mode, so your customers’ IT manager/admin controls can switch between choice of platform for their meetings later down the line. Daily users can run in device mode to mirror their own device no matter which platform.

Logitech RallyBar Mini

Standard based mode on the RallyBar Mini allows your customers to experience premium audio and video quality across a variety of platforms.

EPOS Expand Vision 1M

New from EPOS – coming soon to Nuvias UC. The EXPAND vision 1M is a cost-effective 4K camera, when paired with a speakerphone you can transform your customers’ small spaces into a BYOD collaborative meeting room.

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