Standard Based/BYOD for Medium-Large rooms

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Poly Studio X50

Built to get everyone in view, the Studio X50 gives mid-sized rooms C-suite quality! The all-in-one video bar provides premium video/audio and simple content sharing! This device can be set to standards based mode so your customers’ IT manager/admin controls can switch between choice of platform for their meetings later down the line. Daily users can run in device mode to mirror their own device no matter which platform..

Logitech RallyBar

Logitech’s popular RallyBar device delivers a powerful meeting experience, featuring brilliant optics, automated PTZ and high performance audio for midsize rooms. Available in appliance and compute mode to allow flexibility, depending on your customers’ requirements.

Yealink M/ZVC840

Featuring a 4K camera and integrated conference speakerphone, the MVC840 Teams Rooms system delivers users a premium audio and video solution offering a native Teams Rooms experience.

AudioCodes RXV80

The Microsoft-certified AudioCodes RXV80 video collaboration bar takes plug-and-play simplicity to another level, resulting in a familiar and productive Microsoft Teams meeting experience with outstanding image clarity and enhanced voice quality.

DTEN D7X 55″

An AI-powered, all-in-one touchscreen solution that includes a camera, microphone array and speakers. The device offers BYOD flexibility, enabling customers to connect to their video platform of choice, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

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