Pexip simplifies complex video conferencing to empower organizations with face-to-face collaboration, no matter the location or technology. Their scalable platform enables high-quality video meetings, with enterprise-grade security, and is easily adapted to fit customers’ IT requirements and existing infrastructure.

Pexip is the video technology platform that powers everything from ultra-secure government meetings, to personalized banking, to efficient hands-free work.

With Pexip, security isn't a feature. It's what they do

Pexip meets the world’s most stringent standards for secure communication and lets you keep your data in your hands.

  • Secure Spaces: Protect data
    Trust Pexip with your most important communications while maintaining complete control of your data and meeting. In shared cloud solutions you don’t get to know where your data goes, but with Pexip you can maintain absolute control of the routing and storage of your data, including call records and meeting patterns.
  • Connected Spaces: Connect rooms Elevate and enhance the video experience in any meeting room, modernize existing hardware, and enjoy frictionless meetings.
  • Digital Spaces: Build services
    Reimagine what’s possible and develop custom engagement platforms, trusted digital connections and scalable services.
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Flexible and Compatible

Pexip is fully scalable, able to adapt to the channel’s constantly changing requirements. The platform also has the option to be consumed and deployed in any way the end user or reseller sees fit either as-a-service, on premise or via the cloud instance of choice.

Pexip seeks to enable users to access their video meetings no matter the meeting platform, hardware or workflow. Whether it’s Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or a Cisco-equipped meeting room, users can be sure they’ll be able to communicate with their colleagues and customers effortlessly.

Recurring revenue with Nuvias UC’s renewals team

Contract management can be a challenge for businesses as the contract is often not the responsibility of the people using the equipment or service, and it can get overlooked. Nuvias UC have created a dedicated renewals team that offer competitive quotes and renewals advice for maintenance contracts across our UC vendor portfolio. Our specialist team are experts in contract renewals, ensuring that a high level of quality is always maintained, and opportunities aren’t missed.

As a Channel Partner, our team will give you 90 days’ notice so you can retain customer relationships. Our team are eager to help you get the best renewal option and price for you and your customer

For more information about Renewals, please contact us.


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