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The highly qualified and experienced Nuvias UC Technical Support team can handle the overflow from existing Tier one or Tier two staff, until additional engineers are hired, or existing engineers are fully trained and proficient in providing support for a given UC service or platform.

An overlay engineering function designed for Channel Partners

Nuvias UC Assure – Extended Support is a unified communications as a service designed for Service Providers or Technology Resellers who have challenges with technical support resources. Available to purchase on an ongoing basis, the package of services enables the considerable skills and operational experience available in the Nuvias UC technical teams to be leveraged so you can maintain the high levels of service the customers would expect.

The Extended Support service provides an overlay engineering function as an extension to technical support and operational teams, extending the reach of the Nuvias UC support team further into the Service Provider or Technology Reseller organisation by providing Tier two technical support to their front-line engineers.

In essence, the Service Provider or Technology Reseller partner handles all first line support and communication with end users. Once initial triage identifies an issue with the UC service or platform covered by an Assure contract, the Nuvias UC technical team is engaged to work with the partner through to issue resolution. This ensures the partner maintains their brand with their customers, whilst leveraging the considerable skills and operational experience available in the Nuvias UC technical teams.

Do you need continual eyes on your UC service?

Nuvias UC Assure – Monitoring is another service specifically designed for Service Providers and Technology Resellers who are looking to provide proactive technical support for a given UC service or platform.

It offers a series of capabilities to provide operationally efficient and cost-efficient outsourced monitoring services for Cloud Infrastructure and Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). This results in a significant reduction in the burden placed on partner engineering teams.

Nuvias UC Assure – Monitoring is available across all cloud infrastructure platforms, as well as the various Enterprise SBC (E-SBC) and Gateway products distributed by Nuvias UC. It enables a service provider to outsource part, or all, of their monitoring and network operations centre, whilst bringing additional benefits such as the significant operational experience and expertise of the Nuvias UC engineering team.

If you are an Enterprise IT Team, check out Nuvias UC Assist


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