Device as a Service (Financing)

We know that customers don’t always want to pay for everything upfront, and sometimes budgets can be an obstacle. That’s why we set up a highly competitive Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering which includes affordable payment over time packages for endpoints, plus associated services, for your customers.

The cost-effective way to invest in business technology

Facilitated by Nuvias Capital, the DaaS payment models allow you, our channel partners, to offer a single contract to your customers allowing them to pay for the service over the length of the contract, rather than upfront payment terms.

As a channel partner you receive payment in full on receipt of the final contract, avoiding revenue recognition issues too. No lease, loan or credit risk to your organisation!

Advantages of Device-as-a-Service include:

  • Provides monthly-subscription model over a period to suit the partner or end-user, with options up to five years rather than finding the cash up front.
  • Facilitates better cash-flow management from customers’ perspective.
  • Offers flexibility of buying / backing whole contracts, even for multi-vendor solutions, which compares more favourably than financing programs for vendor-specific offerings.
  • Solves broader collaboration deals sought by audio-visual integrators who want to build multi-vendor solutions using additional elements like screens, trolleys and touch controls, as well as professional services.
  • Delivers competitive rates versus other financing options.

Online Webstore (Hub) for easy ordering – and it is a multi-tenant, multi-tier and fully brandable webstore

We created the Hub, our multi-tiered, white labelled webstore to allow partners to manage product catalogues, pricing orders and inventory all in one place.

Once your order has been placed through Hub, it will go through to our order team to process with any acknowledgements being updated by the system, if required. A packing slip will then follow automatically once the order has been placed.

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