Real-time APIs

Accelerating the enablement and simplifying the on-going management of UC endpoints and API integration.

Your business is constantly changing to keep up

That’s why we have invested heavily in our real-time APIs and integration. For those partners who run their own online stores or business platforms, Nuvias UC offers a range of options for integration, all of which link into our internal ERP systems. This enables you to query pricing and stock information in real-time, send us orders to be processed and fulfilled, tell us how you want your devices provisioned and receive updates on the progress of your orders with us.

Our long-term strategy is to provide customers with a choice of how to do business with us and a key part of that goal is to ensure that there is an API for every type of interaction you can have with us. Allowing you to choose how much you automate.


Hub webstore is Nuvias UC’s award-winning portal, providing access to our online order management system and Dovetail, our device lifecycle management system.

Hub API is the latest in Nuvias UC innovation, providing access to Hub’s functions for customers using an industry-standard RESTful API. The full specification is available in OpenAPI specification.

Nuvias UC Order API

The Nuvias UC Order API is a stable, high-performance API designed for use by larger customers or those who place a significant volume of orders. The API provides a range of functions from stock and price information in real-time, to order submission and tracking. Over 65% of our daily orders are received via this API!

CRM integration

Using the Hub API, our CRM plugin provides an easy way to automate retrieving product information and placing orders without leaving the comfort of your CRM (for example Salesforce, Netsuite etc). This plugin integrates with your existing workflows and brings the power of our system to your team.

Real-time APIs

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