Poly’s transition to HP – Q&A

You may already be aware that in August 2022, HP acquired the Global Poly business. Over the coming months, Poly will be taking steps to transition to HPs processes and product SKUs. This process is already underway in the US and APAC, and Poly have given 1st November 2023 as the deadline for the completion of the transition in EMEA.

We have populated the questions asked about the Poly transition to HP and answered them below. If you have any other enquiries, please call our team on 01635 225000.

          SKU Change FAQ

Q: When will I receive the new SKUs?
The full matrix will be available on 29th September.

Q: When will I start ordering from Nuvias UC with the new SKUs/Part codes?
A:  Poly and HP SKUs will run in tandem from 1st November 2023 for 6 months. If Nuvias UC has stock of Poly SKUs, we will be supplying them during this period. If not, then we request that you place your orders using the new HP SKUs.

Q: If I place an order with Nuvias UC using a HP part code, is there a chance I will receive a Poly labelled product?
A: No. However, if you place an order for a HP SKU and Nuvias UC have remaining stock of the Poly labelled equivalent, we may ask you to change over your order to the Poly SKU, which will enable us to fulfil your order quicker.

Q: If I submit a return request for a Poly labelled product, could I receive a HP labelled product as a replacement?
A: It’s likely this will happen unless in the event of the above.

Q: What will happen to my open Poly CPQs that reference Poly SKUs?
A:  The CPQs will remain valid for the validity period. Any CPQs expiring past the end of January 2024 will automatically be converted into a HP OPG at the beginning of February. If your CPQ doesn’t expire by the end of January and you require support via a HP SKU, please raise a request for a HP OPG with your Nuvias UC and Poly account managers.

General Poly to HP Transition FAQs

Q: What maintenance support should I be ordering with my products?
A: If you are ordering with a Poly SKU, you should order Poly maintenance. Alternatively, if you order a HP SKU, it will be HP maintenance.

Q: Will the branding on the products be changing?
A: No because Poly will remain as a brand within the HP portfolio. Therefore, all products and packaging will keep the Poly branding.

Q: Will I need to sign a new agreement with HP?
A:  Yes, all partners must sign a new agreement with HP by 1st November in order to start transacting business immediately after the change over.

Q: Will there be a new portal?
A: Yes, you will be given access to the HP portal after signing a reseller agreement with HP and training will be provided. However, you will be able to access the Poly portal until 30th April 2024.

Q: My team are currently enrolled in Poly University, should we start doing this in the HP portal going forward?
A: Please continue to do your university training in the Poly portal until 1st November 2023. All your existing certifications will be transferred to the HP portal after this date.

Q: Will my Poly metal level carry over to the HP programme?
A: Yes, you will be transferred to the HP equivalent level for 6 months. After 6 months, all metal level partners will be re-evaluated against HP’s criteria which will be communicated with you once you sign your new agreement.

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